KCDAA Diversity Committee

Committee Members:

LeTiffany Obozele, Assistant Douglas County District Attorney

Sherri Schuck, Pottawatomie County Attorney

Candice Alcaraz, Assistant Wyandotte County District Attorney

Njeri Mwangi, Assistant Wyandotte County District Attorney

Jose Guerra, Assistant Leavenworth County Attorney

Charles Branson, Douglas County District Attorney

Kate Butler Duncan, Assistant Douglas County District Attorney

Rachel Lamm, Thomas County Attorney

Mission Statement:

The Diversity Committee helps the Kansas County & District Attorneys Association (KCDAA) strive to be inclusive and reflective of the diverse communities we represent by recognizing different perspectives and backgrounds, fostering different ideas, and being a platform for social change within the Kansas prosecutor profession so as to promote, improve, and facilitate the administration of justice in the State of Kansas.

Statement of Purpose: 

The committee’s purpose is to encourage continued commitment to diversity in the profession and KCDAA’s membership. This diversity embraces people of different races, religions, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, ages, and any other traditionally marginalized or underrepresented group. The committee seeks to promote strong ties both within and outside the profession through outreach, education, workshops, presentations, awareness exercises, and social events. The committee strives to create a culture that values each members unique qualities and perspectives while also encouraging empowerment and authenticity. Including diverse perspectives allows KCDAA’s members to draw from the talents of their communities, leading to creative solutions to challenges and, in turn, greater accomplishments both inside and outside the courtroom. 

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