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Software Unlimited is an industry leading provider of Criminal Case Management Software for Prosecutor offices of all sizes.  

Every day we help prosecutor’s just like you.   

We know you are overwhelmed with paperwork and struggling to manage information.  It is a daunting task to hold on to all your files while keeping up with the never-ending court docket! Now is the perfect time to change the way your office works.  Visit us at HelpProsecutors.com and let us start helping you today.  You won’t regret it! Products offered: Criminal Case Management, Hot Checks, Civil Case Management, Restitution/Pre-trial Diversion, and Document Management.

Software Unlimited: Data Management System

Fast Facts About Our Suite Of Case Management Systems

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Connect your CMS to your District Courts!

What if your CMS connected seamlessly to your District Courts?

With Odyssey, the same system the courts are using, it can. 

With the statewide court case management project underway, the courts in your county will soon be upgrading to Odyssey®, and you can too. As the selected technology partner of the Kansas Supreme Court, Tyler can provide you with a comprehensive, integrated platform that no other vendor can provide. Since case and document management for Kansas Prosecutors is part of a shared Odyssey system, integrations are process-driven with automated workflows for hearings, dispositions, and more, right out of the box. No additional fees. No additional projects.

Discover how this could work for your office and learn more here

Tyler's Cloud Based Solutions Overview

Tyler Alliance Overview

Odyssey Kansas Prosecutor Product Sheet

Odyssey Attorney Manager Brochure

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